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Tim Benzie, the acclaimed creator and host of Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote

presents a new one-man show: a hilarious and moving exploration

of the enduring appeal of murder mysteries

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It's a Mystery! premiered at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern on Friday 23 July 2023,

followed by a run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

The show is open for bookings in 2024, with two UK dates on sale soon and a 

return season at the EdFringe 2024


Upcoming dates

TUE 25 JUN to SAT 6 JUL    LONDON The Bread and Roses Theatre


WED 25 SEP                         FARSLEY The Old Woollen


The Critics speak ...

West End Best Friend


Tim Benzie, acclaimed creator and host of Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote, presents his new one-man show, "It's a Mystery!", a hilarious and moving exploration fo the appeal of the murder mystery, summoned to the drawing room to examine the clues with Detective Tim. Why is everyone a little bit Columbo? Are you more Famous Five than Agatha Christie? 


It's an interesting fact-filled hour that takes us through the history of the murder mystery. From the very first recognised occurrence of the genre, through childhood puzzles to lockdown distractions, it's all there. Benzie is a great host. His enthusiasm for this genre is immediately apparent and his journey through the topic, heartfelt. Through the Cluedo board, we examine the finer details, which is a brilliant way to keep on brand. 


This is a great insight, lots of fun and a joyful production at this year's Fringe. Catch it while you can though, it only has a limited run ... for now! 


A killer of a show!

Reviewed by Rachel Louise Martin 



"It's a Mystery!" is a one-person, hour-long show that sets out to investigate why people love Murder Mysteries.


Performer Tim Benzie is an old hand at the Fringe - usually he's hosting Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote. Here he's talking us through how he fell in love with mysteries, whilst also providing a brief history of the genre.


Benzie takes us right back to the beginning, with Edgar Allen Poe's Murder in the Rue Morgue, arguably the first 'mystery' novel. Despite having a conclusion regarded as both absurd and surreal, that story also set down many of the ground rules that mystery stories still abide by today


These ground rules of the genre were developed and clarified during the period between the two wars, known as the Golden Age


This is the era when Agatha Christie's novels began to be published, and Christie was amongst the authors who challenged these conventions and expectations, whilst still remaining true to the principle that the reader should be able to solve the crime as the detective does.

Benzie's love of the genre began as a child in Queensland, Australia. He enjoyed them for their puzzle nature - despite the subject matter, usually murder, such stories are fun, safe and always have an answer. Benzie contrasts this with real life, where death is rarely so thoughtful or neat. 

Moving through the requirements for a murder mystery Benzie waxes lyrical about evidence, the victim, the crime scene and the suspects, wrapping all of this up in a journey around a Cluedo board.

There is some light audience participation but nothing too challenging. Indeed for a subject supposedly so dark, there's an awful lot of humour in this hour. 

Having diverted to consider how good a detective Spock from Star Trek would be, Benzie allows himself to go off on an even more personal tangent, that perhaps suggests why he became so enamoured of mysteries as a child. Or perhaps it's not that deep


There is a huge amount of content crammed into this show. From the history of the genre, to what academics have theorised, to multiple pop culture references, the audience's attention is held in rapture.


In the end this is an enlightening hour, and a surprisingly personal piece of story-telling. If you love detective fiction, murder mysteries, or even just stories with puzzles in them, you will find much to enjoy here.



What is this?

It's a Mystery! is a one-man exploration about the appeal of whodunnits and murder mysteries, from Agatha Christie to Murder, She Wrote and beyond.

I've seen Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote - how is this different?

Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote is a hosted screening of an episode of Murder, She Wrote, with kind permission of NBC Universal Television. It's a Mystery! is a monologue and investigation into the murder mystery genre drawing on Tim's encyclopaedic knowledge of the form: a blend of comedy and wry observation.

Do I need to be a fan of whodunits to enjoy the show?

Not at all! The show is warm and personal and will appeal to anyone who's ever been drawn to a genre (such as science fiction) and wondered why it has such a powerful appeal.

How long is the show?

70 minutes with no interval.

Who are you?

Tim Benzie. He's an Australian super-fan of Agatha Christie and Murder, She Wrote, living in London. Tim is an award-winning playwright in his native Australia and brought Solve-Along to the Sydney Cabaret Festival in 2019 to sell-out audiences. He has been performing Solve-Along across the UK and Ireland since 2018. Having read all of Christie's novels by the age of 14, Tim is delighted to be able to put his obsession to good use.


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